Transforming innovation into utility with practical applications

Scientific Programming and Biomedical Analysis

Innovation is central to biomedical research and modern clinical care. The volume and complexity of life science data requires advanced designs for the efficient storage, organization, and retrieval of information, powerful algorithms to reveal meaning from disparate information, and cutting-edge visualizations to reveal relationships.

Argentys staff bring together years of experience serving the biomedical community with development of innovative algorithms and data products.  Argentys provides scientific programming and biomedical analytic services that enable our clients to produce powerful research results and provide quality healthcare.

Argentys provides scientific programming and biomedical knowledge services in the following areas:

  • Algorithm development and optimization
  • Development of advanced biomedical data visualizations
  • Complex data modeling and data storage and retrieval design
  • Biomedical data curation and quality control
  • Natural language processing and taxonomy development
  • Math modeling and simulation
  • Big data solutions