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Biomedical Application Development

Specialized information and decision support systems are required to support biomedical research and clinical operations.  Our clients depend on these systems to process complex data and handle voluminous data with high reliability.  In addition, these systems frequently require special considerations in design and extensive validation in order to meet regulatory standards.

Argentys builds complete information systems and system components to support our clients in research and in clinical operations.  We support academic and biotech clients with small laboratories and tight budgets as well as clients with large existing infrastructure.  Our knowledge of the biomedical domain enables us to design optimal solutions and our IT savvy helps us build them.  We integrate solutions from off-the-shelf components when possible to minimize cost and time to delivery for our clients.

Argentys provides the following biomedical application development services:

  • Business need analysis (BPM) and customer requirements gathering
  • Market and technical resource analysis and performance benchmarking
  • Enterprise Architecture / Systems Architecture support
  • Prototyping and feasibility
  • System / software integration
  • Design, implementation and testing
  • Technical and application documentation
  • Training, support and maintenance