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Clinical and Research Data Analysis

Advanced biomedical instruments, like next-generation sequencers, produce information to serve research and clinical applications, however their ability to generate copious volume of data has far outstripped the ability to analyze and interpret the results.  Obtaining actionable conclusions requires an analysis project that combines rigorous standard analyses with innovative new approaches.

Through serving commercial and academic clients, as well as from performing our own internal research, Argentys has gained the institutional experience and staff skills to serve clients though standard and customized analysis performed on big-data as well as small focused studies.

Argentys provides the following biomedical data analysis services to clients:

  • Primary and secondary analysis of molecular data, including gene express, protein expression, SNP data, and CNV data
  • Multi-dimensional regression analyses to identify relationships between clinical information, molecular data, and genomic data
  • Advanced analysis using reference data, data models, tertiary analysis, etc
  • Production of analytical reports, visualizations, and validation data
  • Presentation and interpretation of results
  • Manuscript development