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Helping our clients reach their goals


Federal Government and Academia

We are currently serving federal and academic clients who have a biomedical mission. Argentys scientists and software experts support the FDA and George Washington University developed HIVE platform ( and HIVE and related support includes IT support, developing new algorithms, advanced visualizations, complex data models, and analytical solutions to support Big Data applications in health IT, personalized medicine, and genomics. Argentys staff brings years of federal experience performing project management, supplying scientific expertise, and delivering in technical and support roles. 

Large Life-Science Companies

Argentys has provided large life science companies with consulting and outsourcing services for full product life-cycle development spanning R&D, product definition, implementation, release, and support.  We have engaged our FlexStaffing™ approach, using our partner network, to deliver specific expertise to the project to avoid delays and to hold down costs. Our consultancy engagements have delivered subject matter expertise by tapping into our staff technical and domain expertise to assist our clients’ development team and management with decision support.

Small Biotech

As a small company, Argentys understands the unique needs of small companies and we have provided small business clients with a wide range of services including complex data analysis and development of custom software applications, all on a flexible basis that suits their needs and constraints.  Our clients engage us for our expertise in algorithm development, complex data analysis, and because of our reputation for quality and efficiency of our work.